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A surprisingly large number of men throughout the world have concerns regarding the measurements and performance of their penis, therefore it makes sense that researchers these days invest much more time and resources as well as medical brain power to this subject than in the past. Researchers have steadily been examining and analyzing options for several decades now and as a result of that extensive and exhaustive research, it is now possible for men from all around the world to take advantage of the most up-to-date product in penis enlargement technology: the ProExtender™ System.

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A Modern Day Strategy based on an Old Basic Principle
All throughout history, humans have devised methods for lengthening and also enhancing particular parts of the body to improve a person's unique attractiveness and also position or standing within their particular society. Different tribal individuals applied a technique known as traction force in order to steadily change their bodies to enhance the lip area or earlobes, widen the nose area as well as its openings, or even elongate the neck and the fingers as well as the penis.

The thing that they discovered, with no knowledge of the reason why it was effective, was the fact that if they steadily implemented a traction force and also a stretching out of the area they wished to enhance, it really stimulated growth as well as enlargement that was permanent. Once the desired effect had been obtained, there was no need to continue the procedures to maintain the effect.

The Modern Penis Enlargement Discovery
Modern medicine relies on a more sophisticated and comprehensive variation of that procedure involving numerous methods used for developing fresh skin for grafting by simply stretching out the tissue over an extended period of time, to expand normal tissue intended for reconstructive surgical treatment and as an aid to speed up recovery. And also lately it's been medically utilized in the area of penis enhancement.

Physicians in Europe have worked tirelessly to advance this method for use particularly in the enhancement of the penis. These physicians recognized that it is without a doubt possible to create brand new tissue permanently and so they planned to create a product which would achieve this securely as well as efficiently to boost the penis girth and length. In addition, they noted the significance of a product that could be used for treating penis conditions such as Peyronie's disease or even curvature of the penis.

Previous procedures mainly concerned weight load or even more simple techniques that would provide the possibility of fresh tissue growth however the outcomes were unpredictable and unstable at best.

The ProExtender™ System was designed to provide precisely the correct amount of traction force, steadily growing over time within a precise yet simple and easy-to-use product.

ProExtender™ has been thoroughly examined and was the subject matter of the comprehensive research introduced at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in 1998, in Barcelona, Spain. The analysis, known as Tractive Elongation of the Penis by means of Stretching, was presented by Dr. Jorn Siana, MD, of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Copenhagen.

Urologists and also plastic surgeons have discovered that the ProExtender™ System is so efficient that they are continually using it in their hospitals and clinics and already recommend the introduction of this technological innovation straight to the general public.

This discovery comes to you as perhaps the most complete penis enhancement method currently available: ProExtender™ System!

This system brings together all of the newest penis enlargement know-how in a simple and easy to use package. Take a look at ProExtender™ System right now and see for yourself!

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